Zinc alloy production plant (main office)

The Material Production Division takes the recycling of metal materials very seriously without averting the eyes from the fact that resources are limited.

At this plant, our management objective is to produce recycled zinc alloy metals. Our emphasis is placed on the recovery of aluminum, copper and other materials necessary for the production of such alloys as well as the recovery and recycling of rare metals, which are intrinsically scarce on the earth, in recent years. Recycling of raw materials to unite technology and ecology is drawing attention today. Under the prerequisite of compliant management, the quality issues are not negligible for recycled metals either.

The Material Production Division is striving day and night to develop an internal management system to ensure production under strict quality control (careful examination of raw materials, production with state-of-the-art plant equipment, sampling and analysis of every lot) to output the products our customers can use with confidence and are satisfied with.

Non-ferrous metal materials (scraps) handled by us

【Zinc】 Boiler zinc, waste, top dross, ash, etc.
【Zinc alloy】 Die cast waste, ZAS dies, plating waste, casting waste, shredder / grinding dust, foam, ash, etc.
【Aluminum】 Sash, new alloy waste, alloy waste / grinding dust, foam, ash, etc.
【Copper】 copper wire, new high grade copper waste, medium grade copper waste, low grade copper waste, etc.
【Brass】 New waste (65% copper content /60% copper content), rod waste, grinding dust, etc.
【Stainless steel】 18-8 waste / grinding dust, etc.

Specialty metal materials handled by us

【Ni base】 Nickel, Ni alloy, Inconel, 42 alloy, Permalloy, etc.
【Ni-Cu base】 Monel, Cupro, nickel silver, etc.
【CO base】 Magnetic steel, Kovar, Stellite, etc.
【Others】 Titanium, molybdenum, tungsten, etc.