Since its foundation in 1972, our company has engaged itself in zinc and aluminum metal sales and the manufacture of recycled metals from scraps. In its thirty-odd years of history, the company has gone through various changes in the course of the development of its businesses stemming from zinc metal as the nucleus. We are supporting our customers with our finely-tuned solutions fulfilling their needs with our activities now covering extensive application areas including the manufacture of casting dies, press dies and plastic molding dies for prototype parts fabrication for new model cars, the design and manufacture of dies for commercial production items and die-casting die maintenance service.

We are aggressively promoting an extensive range of business activities with remarkable foresight, adapting ourselves to the rapidly changing social environment such as changes in people’s sense of value, the industry structure and international environment and always identifying market trends ahead of others to fulfill ever advancing / diversifying customer needs. We commit ourselves to improve our technical standards and contribute with innovative ideas to create an abundant society full of dreams.

Yoshiji Ichikawa, representative director & president