August 1972
  • Started a business to deal in non-ferrous metals and refine zinc alloys as a private concern.
September 1979
  • Was incorporated as a limited liability company with capital of \5 million.
March 1982
  • Built a zinc alloy casting plant for prototype parts fabrication and started to manufacture / sell casting dies.
  • Developed a tough zinc alloy suitable for semi-commercial and commercial production bearing applications and started to market it as a material.
June 1984
  • Increased capital to \10 million.
May 1985
  • Started to manufacture, sell and design dies for plastic prototype parts fabrication.
April 1986
  • Augmented a casting plant to expand business.
July 1987
  • Built a plastic molding plant and started a plastic molding operation.
  • Launched a captive die trial line.
  • Introduced CAD/CAM and large-scale gate-type machining centers.
June 1988
  • Expanded die-related plant equipment and started die production on a substantial scale.
August 1990
  • Increased CAD/CAM to win large die contracts.
May 2002
  • Increased capital to \20 million.
June 2003
  • Built and moved to a new main office building and a maintenance plant.
August 2004
  • Built and moved to a new prototype parts casting plant and develop a plant achieving a casting sand recycling rate of 70% to address the environmental issue.
October 2004
  • Increased capital to \40 million.
April 2006
  • Formed a specialty metal recovery / resale unit within the Material Sales Division of the Main Office.
  • Obtained ISO9001 certification.
August 2006
  • Built an NC plant for large die production.
    (Augmented two gate-type 5-axis machining centers, wire cut machines and other machining tools to win commercial production die contracts. )
April 2007
  • Former senior executive director Koji Ichikawa became representative director & president